Faced with what we today would call the "dechristianisation" of society, Fr Coudrin (the Founder) summoned us to the most profound of vocations: "to call men back to the confidence and the love of Jesus Christ." At the same time he made clear to us the extent of this call: "their vocation, in the last analysis, is one of total zeal, and of a zeal on fire."

From the Sacred Hearts Rule of Life


1 Have you considered a vocation?
2 Fr Damien de Veuster, SS.CC.
3 Our Community Life: What Makes Us Different?
4 Missionary Support and Involvement
5 Our Discernment Formation Process
6 Formation as Human Persons
7 Signs of a Vocation
8 The First Sign is: A Desire for the Life
9 The Second Sign is: The Right Motivation
10 The Third Sign is: Fitness for the Life