Have you considered a vocation?

For more than two centuries men and women have given their lives in service for the Gospel as Sacred Hearts priests, sisters and brothers. Living in community, sharing in prayer and ministry these Sacred Hearts always sought to be filled with the spirit of God for their brothers and sisters. Whether it was as a parish priest preaching from the pulpit, catechist or chaplain, nursing or teaching or just being one with the people, the mission was always to contemplate, live and proclaim the "Good News" to anyone who would listen.
Jointly founded in France in 1800 by Pierre Coudrin and Henriette Aymer de Chevalerie, this Roman Catholic congregation is one of very few whose members include both men and women, priests, sisters and brothers.


Have you considered answering your call as a lay person?

Perhaps you are a married person or indeed someone who is not yet ready or able to commit to religious life but are called to community and active participation in a charism steeped in the love of God?  The SS.CC are looking to expand their lay associate community and welcomes men,women young and old to be part of a growing movement of faith filled communities under the charism of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Contact our lay associate coordinators for more information.