2015 Assembly


2015 Assmby Gp

2015 Assmby PL

Last month the Ireland-England Province of brothers, sisters and associates gathered together for their annual June Assembly and retreat which was held in Emmaus Conference Centre, outside of Dublin. Johnathan Hurrell, the Provincial of the American US Province was one of our special guests.  Just as the assembly began, we received news that our brother Anthony McMorrow – who had been in hospital for a couple of months - had died and so the assembly and retreat took second place for a day while we joined with Anthony’s natural family in the various funeral rites.  It was a mutually enriching experience for the two families to come together.  Our retreat director was Bishop Pat Lynch, SSCC.  He led us in a retreat that focussed on a number of biblical characters who had been blessed, healed and or transformed by faith.

In linking faith to the charism Pat spoke about our mission in this way:  As people of the Hearts, we are called to allow our hearts to be pierced as we try to break into the heart of others; we are called to have open hearts so that we might  help others to open up; we are called to have hearts that heal and be healed; and finally we are called to have hearts that grow in freedom so that we can help others to be free as well.

 The assembly finished with Jubilee celebrations and dinner in which 60 years, 50 years, 25 years and 10 years of commitments of various brothers, sisters and associates were recognised.  Ad multos anos.       Derek